A Little Magic

                                  Miniature Therapy Horses

A Little Magic/Love of Little Horses, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity registered in Virginia.  We hold events and visit facilities in the northern Piedmont area - from Fauquier to Albemarle Counties and the surrounding area.  A Little Magic therapy teams provide animal assisted  activities with our trained and registered minis for those in the above communities.

A Little Magic's mission is to bring the joy of minis to those in need of a healing touch in our communities. We also bring an educational element to our work by providing information about horses and the therapy that they can provide. We participate in community events and fundraisers too.

A therapy team for A Little Magic consists of an individual handler who owns, works with, and trains her horse or horses for therapy work. Then they each complete the required Pet Partners tests and evaluations. After they are approved as a therapy team by Pet Partners, they can then make visits with their mini horse therapy partner to schools, nursing homes, rehabs, etc. In some cases, all the therapy teams will visit the same facility on the same day to work with multiple groups of people. We work with both Special Needs Adults and Children and provide appropriate educational enrichment activities for them.   Please see out contact page if you would like to schedule a visit, come to a volunteer workshop, or ask a question.

What benefits are there for children, who face a variety of challenges in school and at home, in participating in this program?

  • Non-judgemental acceptance and affection from our little horses allows a child to relax and focus on the tasks presented. Many teachers comment on their students unusually calm demeanor while working with the horses.
  • Promotes self-confidence and increased independence by allowing the child/adult to interact with the horses through tasks such as grooming, handling, and leading.  This attitude will carry over to school, family and social settings.
  • Our miniature horses do not judge, they seem to understand, allowing a trusting relationship to take place. Their small size provides a non-threatening experience for even the smallest child or oldest adult or for those in wheel chairs and walkers.
  • A feeling of accomplishment from completing the activities that are presented. They feel especially empowered when allowed to lead the horse that they have been working with on a simple obstacle course or game.
  • Our activities are planned to promote both small and large muscle development, verbalization, and imagination.

     Why animal assisted activities?

Scientific studies have shown that there are many positive effects of human-animal interaction. Some of the benefits of animal assisted activities include:

  •  Reduces blood pressure
  •  Lowers anxiety and stress levels
  •  Stimulates the release of endorphins, which help people feel good- especially important for people who are feeling depressed or isolated.
  • Encourages exercise and movement
  • Leads to more independent & fulfilling lives
  • Increases a sense of community
  • Stimulates memory and sharing
       Why Horses?
Horses are sensitive and intuitive
  • Horses mirror human emotions
  • There is a powerful connection between horses and humans
  • Horses offer non-judgmental affection
  • Horses allow people to relax by providing acceptance and allowing for give and take which also builds confidence and focus.
  • And Miniature horses, because of their smaller size,  provide a non-threatening therapy experience esp for children, seniors and those in wheelchairs.