Therapy visits Therapy visits Silver never blinked aneye. Meeting the Easter Bunny! 191497603 A second trip back to the kitty cat. 191497604 Silver visiting I will just rest my head on this extra pillow while you pet my head. 194925499 Cheyenne's first visit inside. What a pretty horse! Oh, is that me? 191878604 Dakota does her tricks. A final bow to a great audience! 192816623 Angel in training at PetSmart She likes to shop! 195135864 Silver visiting a bedridden man Such a sweetie! 195135877 Silver gets a kiss. Loving every minute! 195135937 Gordon House A good time was had by all!! 195251530 Cheyenne at Gordon House Loving the attention! 195251531 Amazed to see a horse in the house! This gentleman came out of his room to see the little horse and couldn't get enough of her. 195251532 Visiting a group outdoors at Gordon House Such a wonderful connection between these two! 195251533